What is Decentralized Lotto

How’s that?

That decentralized lotto is going to be the future of the lottery ecosystem. Let us explain to you.

Today’s world is all about technology and digitization, isn’t it?
You will agree that this is the age of the internet. And everything is either related to the internet or on the internet. One can’t really imagine today’s world without the internet. So, when everything is getting faster, more transparent, fairer, and safer – why not the lottery?

Blockchain lottery is what it is.

The game of lottery involves money, and so it has to be fair & transparent for people to trust & play it. After an uncountable number of scams and frauds, nobody wants to put their money where human hands are involved. They want something trustworthy where they can have the control and authority to at least check, if not manage things, by themselves.

There have been lottery scandals that shook the entire world and made people believe to not trust the lotteries any more. To name a few, the Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal, Hot Lotto Fraud Scandal, etc., are one of the biggest lottery scandals in history so far.

Let’s get to know what a decentralized lotto is.

What is Decentralized Lotto?

Decentralized lotto is nothing but another name for a blockchain lottery. Decentralization means using a virtual public ledger that records every transaction across its widespread network. It turns out to be a fairer system.
Characteristics of Decentralized Lotto

  • Assures Fairness
  • No Human Involvement
  • Unhackable
  • Immutable
  • Safe & Secure
  • Fully Transparent

If a lottery has the above features – why won’t people get attracted to it?
There is nothing more one could ask, and that’s how a lottery should exactly be.

What Makes a Blockchain-based Lotto so Safe?

It’s the blockchain technology that makes blockchain lotto so safe. Blockchain uses a ledger and records everything in the form of blocks. These blocks are then sent to every involved user. Now, if a hacker wants to hack it, he has to change every existing block – which do you think is possible?

When decentralized lotto is so safe – why can’t it be the future of the lottery ecosystem? It is indeed!

Blockchain Lotteries like Titan Lotto are emerging as the pioneer of the new lotto age.

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