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The lottery industry has been thriving since the beginning. However, there have been rising trust issues in traditional lotteries over the past few years. The increase in lottery scams, frauds, and manipulations has led the future of offline lotteries to stand at risk. But time & technology always fetch solutions to everything, and so to this problem – they evolve the blockchain lottery.

What is Blockchain Lottery?

A blockchain lottery uses blockchain technology to record and draw the lottery numbers. The blockchain is unhackable and immutable in nature, and that makes it safe & fair. Also, no human interference in the process from the lottery’s start to the end makes it more trustworthy, and therefore, it is 100%:

  • Safe
  • Fair, and
  • Error-free

How is the Transformation Happening between Traditional Lotteries & Blockchain-based Lotteries?

When the number of users and the demand increase – we know the transformation is happening. Lottery players are now getting comfortable with the blockchain-based lottery rapidly – as, unlike traditional lotteries, there is no risk of manipulation & cheating.

Blockchain-based lotteries like Titan Lotto also offer not just one but various player-friendly game types. Therefore, players are not minding the change and are happy with it.

How is Blockchain Lottery Better than Traditional Lottery?

Many aspects & factors suggest that the blockchain lottery is way better than the traditional lottery when we put them together. Be it safety, privacy, or fairness – it can be trusted, but traditional lotteries can’t until humans are involved. The table below will help you clear.

difference between blockchain lottery and traditional lottery

Bottom Line

Blockchain lottery has the potential to not just transform but replace the traditional industry. Its features, ease, safety, fairness, and transparency have led it to be the first choice of lottery players and traders worldwide.

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